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The Raf Simons collection brings the acclaimed designer’s exceptional sense of style to the home. Distinguished by the innovative blending of colour and materials for which he is known in the fashion world, Raf Simons’s first collection of textiles and accessories for the home is by turns sophisticated and playful, 
and produced according to the exacting standards associated with our joint company Kvadrat.

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Simons is a furniture enthusiast and collector of 20th century design and ceramics, which feeds into his eponymous menswear label and Dior collections, which are dense in upholstery-inspired fabric and inspiration.


Conceived as a suite of diverse yet complementary tones, weaves and textures, the eleven core textile designs are suitable for use in a wide variety of interiors, and work beautifully together in a multitude of inventive combinations.


Raf Simons is currently creative director of Dior Women, a position that he has held since 2012. A passionate collector of contemporary art and modern design, Simons’s aesthetic is often informed by his admiration for art and he regularly engages in interdisciplinary collaborations.

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For further information, please visit www.kvadratrafsimons.com

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