Unusual for such an avant-garde design, the Eames Case Study No. 8 house was a thoroughly lived-in, usable, and well-loved home. Many icons of the modern movement are depicted as stark, barren spaces devoid of human use, but photographs and motion pictures of the Eames house reveal a richly decorated, almost cluttered space full of thousands of books, art objects, artifacts, and charming knick-knacks as well as dozens of projects in various states of completion.

The idea of a Case Study house was to celebrate modern living in a more personal scale and project the residents personality into the space. The house designed by Charles and Ray Eames was documented before, during and after construction for publication in Arts & Architecture.

The Eames’ gracious live-work lifestyle continues to be an influential model for Nöra’s everyday work and represents a strong driving force of our design and development principles.

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