FACA is a film production company based in São Paulo. They have built an inspiring portfolio by creating visual campaigns for local fashion brands. In 2013 Nöra was invited to design and develop their new facilities to provide a super flexible, multi-use space that film and photography studio, work space, meeting, lounge, storage and dressing room.

estudio faca office

Located on the top floor of an iconic modernist gallery in the city centre, the former retail unit is being converted to accommodate one large infinite white background that folds around creating a series of supporting facilities behind the stage.

estudio faca plan

A long working desk serve as the main office and can be moved away to give extended space for the shoots. Textile paterns designed by Patricia Urquiola are a feature on the theatrical curtain that opens upward, dividing the long room and providing privacy and acoustic confort.

estudio faca wall

Clients are welcomed in a cozy and informal lounge and meetings can take place either on the cafe or at the chairs that overlook the studio.

estudio faca cafe

The large shop windows provide a glimpse for those who walk through the gallery corridors and buts in display the TV, film and photo shoots taking place inside the studio.

estudio faca night

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